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Musical Nightmare

2011-05-04 10:35:37 by YoungAndWild

Yehah I'm kind of bored xD

My music exam went well... OK that's a lie! It was awful! I only got to do one of the 3 stupid songs, I have to change my solo piece and I still do not know the tune to my own composition!!
13 days of Musical Nightmare to go...


2011-05-03 15:12:41 by YoungAndWild

Yeah... I'll start my Newgrounds posting adventure with moaning
Yes, you read it right. Moaning
And I don't mean just the usual moan you get from a student who just cannot be asked to move their big arse to a seat just few steps away, and I don't mean the moaning you get when two adults (or teenagers these days) make love and achieve the sweet sounding orgasm together. No. I mean the moaning of a Poltergeist.
Yes, I have a Poltergeist in my room. He... Or she I don't know... Let's say it's a he and let's call him Jeff. Well Jeff likes to move things around in my room, especially my perfectly ordered books. He pushes them forward... He also likes to take of my posters. And I know that it's not the sticky tape that's failing cause the tape is freshly stuck on. Another thing he does is that he opens my wardrobe door whenever I watch a movie. Even if it's a comedy, Jeff will secretly crawl to my wardrobe and slowly open the door just to freak me out. He likes to turn my TV off too...
The moaning started not so long ago. I was listening to music on my IPod when i heard moaning. I checked the windows and they were closed. There wasn't any cats outside and my whole family was asleep. I ignored the first moan and went back to my sweet, sweet music. And again, I hear a moan... From my headphones! Jeff decided it would be funny if he jumped into my IPod and disturbed Bullet For My Valentine... Well guess what Jeff, It's not funny!!

Other than that, nothing else too interesting happened recently... Oh, I have an all day Music Exam tommorow... JOY! I'm singing Your Song by Ellie Goulding and Mindset by Every Avenue... Plus my composition which sucks BTW =.="